What We Stand For

What we stand for

Lifetime Solar & Security – Our mission is in our name.

To represent truly lifetime applications,using the longest lasting products and then consistently installing them with the highest standards of craftsmanship. Owner operator is key, experience is unsurpassed by any other company in the area. Its easy to be confident with this company.

It’s about commitment.

  • To serve our customers with respect for their time, fairness in price and to remain accountable to our advertised promise.

It’s about integrity.

  • To structure a company that reflects the experience and heart of its team.

It’s about spirit.

  • Mr. Nicholas Stotsenburg is the CEO and President of Lifetime Solar & Security. He is a veteran and a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserves. Nicholas is a graduate of Morehead State university and is currently working on his MBA with a Masters in Leadership. Mr. Stotsenburg takes his responsibility for LSS seriously and is the head of Customer Service, Installation, Sales, Leadership, Development and Direction of Lifetime Solar & Security. He also develops and maintains the LSS business relationships with manufactures, distributors and suppliers. As a results oriented professional with a successful background in business management, Nicholas and his team are driven to provide the best customer oriented filming experience on the First Coast of Florida. LSS welcomes all tinting requirements, Auto, Residential and Commercial.

With over 30 years of film LSS differentiates itself from the box filming business by providing the best materials available and a well organized, experienced staff. Your experience, from the initial consultation through installation provides you with a superior standard based on a trusted well-organized service oriented management, sales, installation and customer service team. Where his departmental team alongside his training and troubleshooting role positively shifts the degree and quality of information from window film industry leaders and will be made available to you the client.

Lifetime Solar & Security, Inc. provides an educated decision making process that gives confidence you are with the experts and can rest assured you are getting the best of the best from the start of the project to completion.

“Clients are very comfortable and happy with my company and that’s what we are all about, doing the job right and making lasting relationships” says Mr. Stotsenburg and he goes on to note, “The expertise in all areas of LSS business is noticeable once comparisons are made”.

Our Approach

No matter the size of the job, we’re with you 100% until the end.

We have the knowledge and experience to see your job through to completion.

We are here for you! We’ll will listen to your goals and find the best solution for your needs.

We will work with you every step of the way to make your vision a reality!

We only partner with the best window film companies in the world. With a proven track record of truly lasting a lifetime, you can have confidence in us!

What do we do?


Residential Tinting

Window film is high-tech improvement in your home. Our product advancements coupled with perfect installation services make your goals happen for you.


Commercial Tinting

Be in control. Save energy, preserve interiors and enhance the environment for employees daily. Call us and make the improvement.


Automotive Tinting

Call & receive the best service for your car, truck or SUV. 30 years using Llumar window films means you get more experience and care with us.


Decorative Tinting

Imagine having any design upon your glass available to you without the expense of custom ordering and replacement of the pane. We have hundreds of decorative inexpensive options.


Security Tinting

Glass vulnerabilities can be a target for intruders and spell damage during windstorm. Get protection and increase security with our window film.


Customer service

Whatever your needs or concerns, we listen. It is our philosophy to ensure you receive the best quality care and meet your vision with our products and mastery trade. Landmark references, well known craftsmanship and a consistent reputation for bringing you the Best in ALL phases of tinting, solar control and decorative window films.