Warranty Information

The most trusted name in film today!
Eastman Performance Films, The worlds largest and leading window film manufacturer backed its trademarked brands of LLumar and VISTA solar film products, with the most comprehensive window film warranty in the industry.

Lifetime Warranty
VISTA Window Film Products have lifetime warranties for residential applications and fifteen years for commercial, against discoloration, crazing, cracking, peeling, blistering, bubbling, or delaminating from the glass when installed by an authorized dealer. If the film fails to comply under recommended use during the warranty period, the product will be replaced. Actual document is supplied during presentation or can be faxed.

History reveals longevity of this film
The patented CDF Adhesive System has a remarkable 30 year history that no other competitor product can match. VISTA far exceeds 3M in longevity and performance, let us present you the facts. VISTA’s CDF Adhesive has never experienced a failure nationwide. This is quite significant when making comparisons.

We insure the glass too
In the First Coast area where a large part of our market are homes built with “double-pane” insulated glass, it is also important to examine the term coverage on the glass against seal failure and thermal breakage. Our standard is 60 months (5 years) for breakage and 36 months (3 years) for seal failure.

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