Security Window Film


Glass can spell vunerability

Glass is often not safe nor adequate protection whether in your home, car or business.

These are the most relevant issues to many who use film, things you should know.

  • Factory tinted glass stops little UV and lets in harmful UVA;
  • Safety glass in cars and SUVs can cause eye injury during collisions;
  • Hurricane can expose your home or business to the elements and severe damage;
  • Burglars or vandals can enter glass doors and windows in seconds;

LLumar® UVShield™ is the only automotive window film:
Legal for application on automobiles in all 50 states.
Backed by its manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty against bubbling, peeling,or cracking.

Ride Safe with Llumar SUV Safety Film

Holds glass in place and prevents shattering …..lessening the chances that an eye injury or serious wounds during collision and it blocks significant heat and ultraviolet

Ultraviolets do more than cause fading

According to dermatologist Albert Kligman, M.D., Ph.D., at the University of Pennsylvania, “It makes scientific sense. I call your attention to the observations that show photoaging is greater on the left body side of drivers in America and on the right side in Australia where autos are equipped with right-hand drive.”
LLumar® UVShield™ is an optically clear film that is professionally applied to the interior of your car’s windows. UVShield’s virtually invisible protection blocks 99.9% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.